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About comments and the wondering

Just yesterday my webmaster told me I get more views on my page from my blogs than from the expensive commercials I put on Google adds or Facebook. People were actually not searching on Google for our products – but they would put in Google titles and keywords from my recent blogs (like “husband home

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Husband home alone – Part Two

Husband home alone – second part –“Dear wife, I am happy you are finally coming back from your vacation tomorrow. There are some things you should know. So, I took the day off today to be able to clean the house before you come back. As you remember Roomba has left us, the dog and

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Letter to the wife that went on vacation without me

To my wife who went on vacation and left me home, with the kid, 3 cats and a dog: “Dear wife, I hope you are enjoying your vacation in Spain. Martha and I are fine. The animals, however, went completely crazy. The cats are not cleaning their sandbox. It’s almost full. This morning I tried

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Funny and tasty side of China

Recently I visited China. Got a good deal on Groupon, 9 days in 4 and 5* hotels with 4 flights between cities and some of the food for $1.300 person. Not bad. On a request of some friends, I am using this medium to give a short recapitulation of the funnier side of the trip.

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Two Fat Ninjas – How we cook food here

We are the Two Fat Ninjas Yes, we are considering to change our company name to “Two Fat Ninjas Catering”. Sounds funny. Looks funny. It definitely is kind of funny. But we might look and sound funny, but trust me, we are also serious – very, very serious about food. Let me explain. First of all: would

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All cooks are criminals

All cooks are criminalsYes, all cooks are criminals. And not because we are tough, tattooed, a gang of hard drinkers, drug abusers… Not all of us are like that. But we are, all of us, criminals.Because that is our job. We take perfectly good, healthy products of nature and then invent new ways how to

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Where did I say I was from!??

People ask me where do I come from. Often. It must be my terrible accent that you can not hear while reading the blog. Well, I guess you can. Here on the blog, it is manifested as a not so good sentence building skill, a poor or insane choice of words in a wrong place – a

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I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.W. C. Fields Old Country Catering and SMOKe BBQ CAFFE is a Banquet Hall, SmokeHouse and a Catering service from Enfield CT. We own and operate the historic building of the former Polish National Home of Enfield where we regularly cater Weddings and all

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